Jenn-Air JXW5030WS 30" Floating Glass Wall-Mount Canopy Hood Stainless Steel
Part Number: JXW5030WS
Manufacturer: Jenn-Air

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  • 600 CFM High-Performance Blower - A single centrifugal blower motor design allows the ventilation system to operate at up to 600 CFM to quickly remove smoke, steam and cooking odors.
  • Sound Silencing System - This luxury island-mount canopy hood operates quietly thanks to its sound silencing system. This innovative feature optimizes airflow to increase the amount of air taken in, which decreases the noise emitted.
  • Controls with LCD Display - A sleek LCD display houses control settings, which include an independent timer and auto on feature as well as light level, fan speed and replace/clean filter indicators.
  • Four Fan Speed Settings - Four different settings on this luxury wall-mount hood allow you to control the ventilation level for optimum performance and energy efficiency.
  • Two Halogen Lights - Twice as energy efficient and longer-lasting than incandescent light bulbs, these halogen lights beautifully illuminate the cooking surface from above.
  • Dishwasher-Safe Aluminum Filters - These aluminum filters, which effectively capture smoke, grease and cooking odors as they're drawn through the hood, can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Two Lighting Levels - Two different settings give you the appropriate level of lighting as you cook.
  • Recirculating Installation Option (Recirculation Kit Required) - This kit or option allows the ventilation system to pull air through a charcoal filter, eliminating impurities and returning fresh air to the kitchen.
  • Auto On (Heat Sensor) Feature - The intuitive auto on (heat sensor) feature protects against high temperatures. When excessive amounts of heat are detected, the sensor activates to increase to the maximum setting, and turns off when temperatures subside.
  • Independent Timer - This convenient timer, which can be used in addition to or instead of the cooking appliance timer, allows you to measure cooking time and
  • Fan Speed Indication - Adjustable controls allow the motor to operate at an optimal level for performance and energy efficiency.
  • Light Level Indication - These controls, located outside the LCD display, light up or get darker based on the light level selected.
  • Clean Grease Filter Indicator - This indicator shows exactly when the ventilation system's filter needs to be cleaned.


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